The Cave Hill Conservation Campaign welcomes submission of poetry written by those who have felt moved by its beauty enough to pen a few lines. So, if you would like to reach a wider audience then send us a copy of your poem using the contact details on the contact us page.

Inspirations by Clive McClinton

As the reddening sun sets behind Cave Hill

Clive - weak and extremely ill

Is inspired and encouraged with heavenly visions

lifting his heart in praise and thanksgiving to God;

“When I get better, I’m going to stand at the top of Cave Hill on
Napoleon’s Nose, a little son at each side, with my arms wide open, looking skyward as I praise and thank the Lord for His grace and goodness to me.”

Written by Clive McClinton while resident in Level Ten, Tower Block, Belfast City Hospital during the Summer of  2013 (after being hospitalised in November 2012, through most of 2013.)

Sleeping Giant  by Frances McKenzie

Dawn mist rises up over your reclining head like morning shower steam,

And you inhale its chilled breath.

You rise ….. 1200 feet of basalt rock.

Bastion of North Belfast, safeguard of our city,

Gulliver’s titanic eyes have gazed down on us over the millennia,

Your secrets held in lava bubble caves,

You gave refuge to our ancient tribes.

Now we, your Lilliput people take our Sunday pilgrimage to climb Napolean’s nose,

Scrambling down your slopes serenaded by swirling Swallows.

Sleeping giant, keep your craggy gaze on us

But hush now ….. do not waken him.

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