Useful Links

Ireland Wildlife Agency

Irish Wildlife organisation dedicated to welfare and protection of Irish Wildlife.

Belfast Hills Partnership

An organisation set up in 2004 to oversee and protect the Belfast Hills.

TACT Wildlife Centre

Rehabilitates injured birds and mammels for return to the wild

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

A networking body of environmental organisations in Northern Ireland

The Woodland Trust

Has established nearly 50 community woods in Northern Ireland since it's arrval in 1999.

Conservation Volunteers

The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland have been reclaiming green places for over 25 years.

Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland

The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland care about the environment and the people who live in it.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

RSPB has over one million members in the UK. The local branch runs five important reserves.

Campaign for the Protection of the Countryside

Campaigns against the destruction of Ulster's countryside by developers and others.

Ulster Wildlife Trust

Part of UK Wildlife Trust network. A key environmental NGO in Northern Ireland

Cavehill Residents Action Group

Local pressure group formed to protect the built environment in the Cavehill / Antrim Road area.

Belfast Castle

Discover NI information for Belfast Castle Estate

Native Woodland Trust

R.O.I equivilant to the Woodland Trust

Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment

Campaigns on a wide range of environmental issues in Ireland

Irish Wildlife Trust

Equivilant of Ulster Wildlife Trust in R.O.I

Friends of the Irish Environment

Influential pressure group with good daily press cuttings feed

Greenpeace UK

Major campainging organisation

Scottish Natural Heritage

The leading state conservation body in Scotland

The Rio Declaration 1992

International agreement to achieve sustainable development

Agenda 21

The agreed international action plan to implement Rio


Worldwide Fund for Nature, the worlds leading environmental organisation founded in 1961 and now active in over 100 countries.

Cave Hill Conservation



Cavehill on YouTube

The CaveHill Diamond

Red Bull Event 2012 Opposition



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