Dawn Chorus Walk Saturday 6th April 2013

We had our first walk of the year this morning - a dawn chorus walk guided by local bird expert, Larry Toal. It began at 0600 and it was a beautiful, if frosty morning. Not a cloud nor any wind. Seven of us were there and we enjoyed a leisurely, informative stroll, as far as the caves. It was noticeable that there were no summer migrants such as the chiffchaff and other warblers; they are being delayed by the late spring. One noteworthy sighting was a jay up below the caves. But our local year-round birds such as the wren, the robin, the dunnock, the great tit, thrushes and blackbird were very evident. It was a beautiful way to spend over two hours and then to return home for a leisurely breakfast with all day ahead!

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Trees Event with Ben Simon Saturday 20th April 2013

The photo shows some of the group of 19 who attended our tree walk with Ben Simon on Saturday 20 April 2013. We are gathered around the coronation oak, planted in 1937 to commemorate the coronation of George VI. This was only one of the many fine specimen trees in the Park which Ben Simon brought us to. Ben proved a very knowledgeable and entertaining host during a two and a half hour stroll around the Park and we learned to recognise a lot of trees, both native and imported.

Cave Hill Cleanup Saturday 11th May 2013

Pictured (left to right) are Olaf Hvattum, Sheila Johnston, Donal McDaniel and Eddie McCamley, some of the stalwarts who helped clean up Cave Hill on Saturday 11 May.

Some of our members also visited the archaeological dig on Divis, organised by the Belfast Hills Partnership.The weather on Thursday 9 May was too cold, windy and wet for actual excavation but we spent two fascinating hours looking at finds and talking to the archaeologists from QUB about some of the many Neolithic and Bronze age sites there.

Bird Walk with Larry Toal 15th June 2013

Larry Toal knows more about birds on Cave Hill than anyone else. He led a bird walk for us on Saturday 15 June. The weather was threatening for the first hour and then it actually rained. Despite that the twelve participants enjoyed recognising bird song and learning about bird habits. We also found and examined owl and buzzard pellets with the bones of small mammals and birds."

The photo (above) shows the walk assembling at the Castle and Larry (in woolly hat and brown jacket) talking to us.

History Walk with Cormac Hamill 20th July 2013

On Saturday 20 July, we had a very successful walk over Cave Hill with about 35 participants.

(See our Facebook site for individual comments) The weather was warm but cloudy (thankfully) and

everybody survived! The picture shows some of the walkers on the way down the hill.

History Walk with Henry Bell 21 September 2013

The picture shows some of the walkers who participated in our September outing in Carr's Glen. Henry Bell gave an extremely informative tour of the ruins of the mills in the Glen and the remains of houses at Mammystown and Daddystown at the head of the Glen.

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